Introducing BIOiSIM

BIOiSIM offers unprecedented value for the drug development industry by narrowing down the number of drug compounds that offer anticipated value for the treatment or cure of specific illness or disease.

The Problem
  • 92% of drugs that reach human trials are not successful

    The attrition rate is a result of the current paradigm in preclinical drug development that is too slow, expensive, and inefficient.

  • Animals models are frequently poor representations of human response

    Differences between animal and human physiology - such as tissue composition, gene expression, and disease pathogenesis - mean that animal models may generate misleading conclusions.

  • Poor scalability is a bottleneck for complete adoption of the alternatives

    In silico practices are still new, and underutilize advanced technical and engineering infrastructure to scale models to large datasets or different disease conditions.

  • Current modeling approaches are validated with small datasets

    The developed quantitative relationships overfit the data to some outcome, generating seemingly high accuracy but not translating well to new compound prediction.

  • Computational model development is time and labor intensive

    Researchers developing their own models need a complete input dataset to obtain useful predictions, and manual optimization of unknown or variable drug parameters can take days.

  • Negative data influences existing models

    Poorly labeled and unsuccessful datasets impact model performance.

The Solution

VeriSIM has developed a platform that integrates machine learning with robust models of in vivo pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, enabling faster model development, more accurate prediction, and higher scalability.

We leverage existing datasets of physiological outputs from different species to train a model that is physiologically-relevant and translatable across different experimental conditions.

  • Accurate
    Mean accuracy of 81% validated across several animal species and human populations.
  • Translatable
    Translatability testing between biosimulations between rats and humans show subtle and significant physiological differences that directly impact the PK/Pd.
  • Scalable
    Test over 1000s of compounds in a matter of hours and easily apply insights to large datasets without sacrificing accuracy!
BIOiSIM is offering unprecedented value for the drug development industry
Companies will be able to focus their development efforts on the drug compounds that are more likely to deliver on the anticipated value for the treatment or cure of specific illness or disease.
Current With VeriSIM
~10 years/drug
<5 years/drug
Additional Benefits
  • Specific to desired output

    With our framework, we can quickly develop custom, specific models.

  • Multiple routes of administration

    We simulate various routes of administrations such as IV, oral, and transdermal and others.

  • Trained on diverse data across various animal and human species

    Validated with both FDA and proprietary compounds.

  • Rapid result generation

    Our platform is cloud-based and generates predictions in seconds.

  • Expanding feature set

    We are always adding new functionality and expanding the domain of applicability.

  • Self-learning

    Our model extracts conclusions from complex and convoluted data.

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3R's: Refinement, Reduction, Replacement
  • Refinement
    BIOiSIM enables researchers to select only the most human-relevant preclinical testing subjects by providing species-translatable simulation outputs.
  • Reduction
    The BIOiSIM platform can run simulations of 1000's of experimental conditions in vivo, decreasing reliance on animal tests.
  • Replacement
    By leveraging existing datasets, BIOiSIM enables researchers to make assessment of drug disposition without any animal experimentation.
Our Customers
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  • Save millions of dollars in R&D while drastically reducing the need for excessive and unreliable animal clinical trials.
    Recognize an average cost reduction of 50%
  • Save years of time identifying compounds for potential treatment options and cure for diseases
    Save years by narrowing the sample size of which compounds to test
  • Recognize accuracy and efficiency, far beyond what’s seen in animal testing
    Improvements in efficiency and an increase in the number of new successful formulas

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